Did Countryfile on Sunday inspire you to sow wild flower seeds in your garden? If so - these are perfect! Based on ancient Mayan techniques of putting native wild flower seeds in with clay, compost and a hint of chili powder (to stop mice from eating them). All you need to do is prepare the patch, throw on the Seedballs, water, watch and wait for the boom of the blooms!
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No, Bike Lanes Don’t Cause Crazy Congestion
While they do increase congestion, the effect is minimal. The Fast Company article does stress that roads should be selected based on their existing design in order to deal with the realities of car reliant cities. Pushing to hard to make bike lanes work in less pedestrian freindly areas could have detreminal effects. Congestion that slows emergency responsiveness is an example.
While the article is light on content, the headline alone is enough of an eye-grabber to start a conversation about when, where and how fast, bike lanes appear on our roadways.
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NYCxDESIGN is happening May 10–21. For information, visit — Photo: Marley White/NYC & Company
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