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Fun Maps: NYC’s Pneumatic Tube Mail Network Circa 1908 http://ift.tt/1q1B4Hi
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~   Joe Peach reviews the film ‘Growing Cities’. (via thisbigcity)
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Toronto Needs A Creative Director from Jason Logan on Vimeo.

Let’s get creativity a bigger seat at Metro Hall. My bid to change the conversation in Toronto politics is launching on June 18 at the Theatre Centre 1115 Queen Street West
with a conversation by Afterschool, sponsored by the Grid, Hazlitt, The Theatre Centre, and Bevlab. Food and Drink experimentation’s by Bevlab and the Atlantic. Fashion forward DJing by Jeremy Laing. Politicians, Artists, Arstists, models and media in attendance.

videography by Ishan Davé. Editing and graphics by racheltennenhouse.com/
Soundtrack by Don Kerr for communismmusic.com/

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